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IC693ALG442 模拟量组合模块


销售服务热线-Market service line: 0592-5579206 


产品型号-Product model【IC693ALG442】 

产品状态-In-stock or No : 现货/期货 

产品货期-Lead Time : 【IC693ALG442】 

产品质量-Part quanlity :所有产品在出库前都是经过严格测试与筛选,一年质保。[All the part of our company has been tested and make sure can work well,One Year Warrany] 

销售服务热线-Market service line: 0592-5579206 

如果您有什么问题请欢迎随时来电。[If you have any question , pls do not hesitate to contact me。]


IC693ALG442 Analog Combo Module 4IN/2OUT

IC693ALG442CA Conformal Coated Analog module, four in and two out.

IC693ALG442LT Analog Combo Module 4IN/2OUT  (LT)

IC693ALG442RR Analog Combo Module, 4In/2Out

IC693APU300 High Speed Counter (HSC)

IC693APU300CA Conformal Coated High Speed Counter

IC693APU300LT High Speed Counter (HSC)  (LT)

IC693APU300RR High Speed Counter (HSC)

IC693APU301 1-axis APM motion controller module

IC693APU301RR Axis Positioning Module (APM), 1 Axis, requires (1) or (2) CBL311

IC693APU302 2-axis APM motion controller module

IC693APU302RR Axis Positioning Module (APM), 2 Axis, requires (1) or (2) CBL311

IC693APU305 I/O Processor Module

IC693APU305RR Special I/O Processor

IC693BEM320 I/O Link Interface Module (Slave)

IC693BEM320RR I/O Link Interface Module

IC693BEM321 I/O Link Interface Module (Master)

IC693BEM321RR I/O Link Interface Module (Master)

IC693BEM331 Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams)

IC693BEM331CA Conformal Coated Genius Bus Controller

IC693BEM331LT Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams)  (LT)

IC693BEM331RR Genius Bus Controller

IC693CBK001 Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL327 and CBL328)

IC693CBK002 Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL329 and CBL330)

IC693CBK003 Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL331 and CBL332)

IC693CBK004 Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL333 and CBL334)

IC693CBL300 Rack Expansion Cable, I/O Expansion, 1 Meter

IC693CBL301 Rack Expansion Cable, I/O Expansion, 2 Meters

IC693CBL302 I/O Base expansion 50 feet (15 meters), continuous shield with built in terminator.


IC693CBL303 Cable, Hand Held Programmer (HHP), 2 Meters

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